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Feminism Isn't Comfortable

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

There was a time in history (like this video from 1943) that it was 'controversial' to have women on the radio.

Women journalists, broadcasters were unheard of and nobody wanted to hear us. They didn't think we should speak on radio because they didn't believe we have something to say.

But here we are. Feminist women had to push and fight for us to be here. Literally.

Feminism fought for women to be educated. Feminism fought for women to have a right to vote. Feminism fought for women's voices to be heard.

I imagine how society must have called them disruptive, trouble makers, disobedient, loose women but they didn't stop and I am grateful they didn't.

This generation of women, we haven't stopped fighting. The road is still long and tough.

Until our voices are heard in governance, until we have equal access to financial opportunities and equal access to education, until we achieve complete independence over our sexual and reproductive health, until girls are no longer sold into sex slavery in the name of early marriage, until women can walk the streets and thrive in work spaces free of intimidation and harassment, until our bodies are no longer policed and our voices matter as much as the next person, we cannot stop fighting.

Feminism is not an ideology to make any one comfortable. It is a fight for our very existence.

A fight for not just us, but our daughters unborn.

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